British general practitioners to be trained to work with gambling addicts

YGAM, an organization dedicated to addressing youth addiction, is partnering with several other partners to launch the Mindful Resilience program. As part of this program, general practitioners will be trained in how to help people who suffer from gambling addiction.

Work in this direction was motivated by the report of the country's gambling regulator for 2019. It addressed the problem of suicide among gambling addicts and noted the lack of knowledge among doctors who are in contact with them.

The goal of the program is to provide healthcare professionals with quality training on the health hazards of gambling. The organizers of the program recognize that healthcare professionals can play a big role in combating the negative effects of gambling addiction. One of the organizers of Mindful Resilience, Frankie Graham, noted:

It is only right that healthcare professionals will have a deeper understanding of the harms of gambling and will have the necessary tools in place to interact sincerely and positively with people who have problems associated with gambling.

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